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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Structured programming with C++Backman, Kjell
2018A Struggle Between Love And Religion: The Investigation Of Interfaith Love in Religious Context in Edward Valmont's The Moon= Of The Fourteenth NightFarhangi, Fariba
2006-12-07Student Migration from the South Caucasus-
2012Students are the major source for proliferation of corruption in higher education in AzerbaijanGulyk, Volodymyr V.
2011Students as initiators of bribes : ‘Status ’ Based Sicial Context as the Cause of corruption in the Azerbaijani higher educationSadigov, Turkhan
2012Students Welcome Open Access WeekLibrary Information Centre
2013Students’ Crisis in Nigerian Tertiary Educational Institutions: A Review of The Causes and Management StyleDavid, Ajibade
1999A Study of Inservice Education and Classroom Practices in Azerbaijan: Into the 21st CenturyCrawford, Alan
2000The Study of Relationship in the Glazed Earthenware Technological Features in the Cities of North AzerbaijanTeymurov, Habib; Ramazanli, Hasanaga
2017Study of Security Protocols in Internet of ThingsAmanov, Samir
2016A study of South Asian Refugee’s Settlement Experiences in EstoniaIslam, Aminul
2019A Study of the Advanced Technology in Second Language Acquisition Among Adult Learners at Khazar UniversityNasibzade, Firuza
2009-03-31Study on School Violence in Georgia | UNICEF-
2011A Study on the Factors That Affect Turkish Students' Reading Comprehension SkillsAslan, Yasin
2016A Study on the Input Modality of L2 Literary Adaptations and Cross-Cultural SensitivitySaeedi, Zari; Ahmadi Fatalaki, Javad; Amini, Ehsan
2016The stаnd of the internаtionаl community on the аrmed conflict between the government of Sri Lаnkа аnd the Tаmil TigersGuluzаde, Rаmаl
2018-11Sual və cavab sənətiİsaxanlı, Hamlet
2016Sufi Release of Being and Creation Problem in Kaykisiz Abdal's Tractate “Vudjudname”Mammadova-Kekech, Elmira
2008Supply chain management in oil industryBaysal, Ahmet Bahadir
2009-10-21Survey Documentation and Analysis with South Caucasus data-