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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Fragments of Azerbaijan-Russian literary relations: On Sergei Yesenin’s Baku visitsIsaxanli, Isaxan
2006-11-27Framing the South Ossetian conflict-
2006Frazeoloji birləşmələrin üslubi təsnifatıHüseynova, Gülmayə
2020-12-24Free Access to Business Media-
2007-08-20Free Economic Zones in Georgia-
2021-04-30Free Trial to the World Bank eLibrary-
2008-12-05Freedom House Report | Democracy in the Caucasus-
2009-01-14Freedom in the Caucasus | Freedom House 2008 Summary-
2020Frequency of Prevalence of Klebsiella pneumoniae in Clinical Samples and the Evaluation of the Role of Efflux Pump in Determining Antibiotic ResistanceAmani, Ima; Salehi, Majid Baseri; Mansour, Fahimeh Nemati
2018Fridrix Nitsşenin incəsənət anlayışıKərimova, Mələk
2010-11-01Friends Are Hard To Come By: Friendship Divides by Gender in Azerbaijan-
2013From Cover to Cover: Every Cover has a StoryCubukcu, Feryal; Ayan, Meryem
2021From Hamlet to Holmes: Literary Detective TraditionNozen, SeyedehZahra; Isaxanli, Hamlet; Amani, Bahman
2021-10From Hamlet to Holmes: Literary Detective TraditionNozen, SeyedehZahra; Isakhanli, Hamlet; Amani, Bahman
2020-09-17FSA Organized Online Meeting with Higher Education InstitutionsAmirbeyli, Alovsat
2010Full depositional cycles and Ca/Mg ratio in marine upper Baku regiostage succession in the Western flank of the South Caspian depressionAmirov, Elnur
2006-05-23Full Depositional Cycles and FE/MN Ratio in Marine Upper Baku Regiostage Succession in the Western Flank of the South Caspian DepressionAmirov, Elnur
2021-09-06Full Scholarship for Postgraduate Female Students-
2018Functional Aspects of Phraseological Euphemisms in EnglishRzayeva, Aynura
2019Functionalism in Translation: A Case Study Investigation into Translation literature based on Nord's Documentary vs. Instrumental DichotomyArbabi, Maryam; Farahani, Mehrdad Vasheghani