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2008The Basis Property Of Sturm–Liouville Problems With Boundary Conditions Depending Quadratically On The EigenparameterAliyev, Yakub N.; Kerimov, Nazim B.
2013-06Direct And Inverse Problems For The Heat Equation With A Dynamic Type Boundary ConditionKerimov, Nazim B.; Ismailov, Mansur I.
2012An inverse coefficient problem for the heat equation in the case of nonlocal boundary conditionsKerimov, Nazim B.; Ismailov, Mansur I.
2005On Basicity In Lp (0, 1) (1 < p < ∞) Of The System Of Eigenfunctions Of One Boundary Value Problem. IKerimov, Nazim B.; Poladov, Rovshan G.
2006On Necessary Conditions Of Basicity Of A System Of Eigen-Functions Of Second Order Discontinuous OperatorsKerimov, Nazim B.; Ibadov, Elchin J.
2005On oscillation properties of the eigenfunctions of a fourth order differential operatorKerimov, Nazim B.; Aliyev, Ziyatkhan S.
2014On The Basis Properties And Convergence Of Expansions In Terms Of Eigenfunctions For A Spectral Problem With A Spectral Parameter In The Boundary ConditionKerimov, Nazim B.; Maris, Emir Ali
2017On The Uniform Convergence Of Spectral Expansions For A Spectral Problem With A Boundary Condition Rationally Depending On The EigenparameterGoktas, Sertac; Kerimov, Nazim B.; Maris, Emir A.
2005The Oscillation Properties Of The Boundary Value Problem With Spectral Parameter In The Boundary ConditionKerimov, Nazim B.; Aliyev, Ziyatkhan S.
2014Some problems of spectral theory of fourth-order differential operators with regular boundary conditionsKerimov, Nazim B.; Kaya, Ufuk
2015Spectral Properties of Fourth Order Differential Operators with Periodic and Antiperiodic Boundary ConditionsGunes, Hikmet; Kerimov, Nazim B.; Kaya, Ufuk
2013Spectral properties of some regular boundary value problems for fourth order differential operatorsKerimov, Nazim B.; Kaya, Ufuk
2012Spectral Properties of the Differential Operators of the Fourth-Order with Eigenvalue Parameter Dependent Boundary ConditionAliyev, Ziyatkhan S.; Kerimov, Nazim B.
2016Uniform Convergence Of The Spectral Expansions In Terms Of Root Functions For A Spectral ProblemKerimov, Nazim B.; Goktas, Sertac; Maris, Emir A.