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2012-11-23Are Private Military Companies (PMCs) Exempted from Geneva Conventions?Rousseau, Richard
2012-09-09Are the Concepts of The West and Europe Vanishing?Rousseau, Richard
2012-07-13Azerbaijan Using Gabala Negotiations to Change Russia’s PolicyRousseau, Richard
2012-12-20Canada and Foreign Aid: A Distorted ImageRousseau, Richard
2012-04-25China Spooking Allies with the See-Saw Between Soft and Hard PowerRousseau, Richard
2012-01-05China's Growing Economic Presence in Ukraine and BelarusRousseau, Richard
2012-06China’s Attitude May Hinder its Quest for Africa’s Natural ResourcesRousseau, Richard
2012-11-08China’s Rising Interest In The Middle East – AnalysisRousseau, Richard
2012-09-15The Chinese Economy: A Low “Value-Added” Production Hub in East AsiaRousseau, Richard
2012-10-05The Coming Global Population DeclineRousseau, Richard
2011Competing Geopolitical Interests of China, Russia and the United States in Central Asia and the Caspian RegionRousseau, Richard
2012-06-14Continued Tug of War on the Iranian Nuclear IssueRousseau, Richard
2012-01-30Contributing Factors to Less than Equitable Social and Economic Development in Eastern TurkeyRousseau, Richard
2012-09-19The Cracks in the Russia-China TandemRousseau, Richard
2012-01-16The EU Looks to Central Asia for Energy SecurityRousseau, Richard
2012-08-10The European Monetary Union Is not UnsinkableRousseau, Richard
2012FPRC Journal-10 India and Central AsiaRousseau, Richard
2012-02Germany’s Changing role in Countries of Central AsiaRousseau, Richard
2012-10-05Global demographic decline - humanity is not making babies like it used toRousseau, Richard
2013-01-17The Growing Role of Iraq on the Global Energy MarketRousseau, Richard